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Tracy Frimpong

Yoga Instructor

Tracy Frimpong, owner of Luna Play Kids, facilitates a play-based yoga and physical-literacy based program for kids ages 2-10y. Her classes are fun, interactive and dynamic and can include yoga, dance, sport, gymnastics & even karate. 

Growing up in the world of sports, Tracy eventually went on to play university sports while perusing her degree. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts and Business degree, with a minor in Kinesiology and Child Psychology. Upon graduation, Tracy was looking for ways to continue to move her body post university sports. While working at a local recreation centre and managing kids programs, she stumbled across a hot yoga studio. In 2015, her obsession with yoga began!

Since kids, yoga and sport were things that Tracy enjoyed so much, she decided to start her own company in order to spread the joy that both yoga and sports had given her! The lessons learned from playing sports and the tools yoga has given Tracy to navigate her own journey have been life changing. 

Mid 2020, when the pandemic his Tracy took her long standing yoga journey one step further by certifying as adult yoga instructor-combining her three passions , yoga , coaching & kids!​

Tracy’s underlying goal is to spread love, light and fun to all those she is honoured to lead. 


“Kids are my PASSION, and I love sharing my knowledge with them! My hope is that I can equip kids with the tools to navigate life and fully blossom into the superstars they already are! And grownups are pretty rad too!”

"Coach Tracy is amazing!! I can’t say enough about her!! She was my daughter’s Sportsball coach for several seasons. She keeps the kids engaged and having fun while teaching them the game skills. My daughter will do anything if Coach Tracy is there!! And if that wasn’t enough – my daughter had the chance to have a princess or Coach Tracy come to her birthday and she chose Coach Tracy. The kids had such an amazing time and since Coach Tracy was doing all the work (playing games, singing songs, having so much fun), I had the most relaxing time and was able to talk to the other parents and just enjoy the party. I highly recommend Coach Tracy."

—  Rachelle Murphy


"Hope is a good thing, maybe

the best of things, and no

good thing ever dies."

-Andy Dufresne

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