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Lindsay Brooke

Holistic Health Professional, Master Nutritionist, Yoga Therapist

Lindsay Brooke is a Holistic Health Intuitive, a dedicated Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Yoga Therapist with over 700 RYT hours.  She has been a natural and intuitive health and wellness advocate for over 20 years by her own example of practicing what she endorses. With an extensive career in various healing modalities, Lindsay combines the wisdom of the past with modern somatic and dietary modalities to help people become self reliant on their journey of well being, optimal overall health and healing.

Through the use of various physical, yogic, somatic and dietary plans Lindsay provides, in a lighthearted and creative manner, practical tools and strategies during her sessions to help break through physical, emotional and dietary blockages that get in the way of lively energy and overall optimal health.

With an uncanny intuition for achieving wellness, Lindsay is able to quickly assess the needs of her clients.

Some of her specialties include eating disorders, mental health, pre/postnatal & kids nutrition, virus protection & immunity, chronic illness, sports performance & weight loss. 


“I believe that everything you desire is meant to be yours. Let me encourage and guide you to awaken your intuition and make your dreams and life purpose a physical reality.”

Targeted Nutrition Guidance

Comprehensive Lifestyle Consultation


"I can eat way more food now, and stay lean like I was in my 20s"

—  Carol M.


"Hope is a good thing, maybe

the best of things, and no

good thing ever dies."

-Andy Dufresne

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