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Kwikw Dlaxwa

Neuro - Linquistic Programming Life Coach

Kwikw is a multi modality healer, rooted in indigenous tradition. He carries within him a mixed ancestral heritage including First Nations roots, and in his family are hereditary chiefs of the Namgis Nation. Kwikw was taught to heal himself from a young age using natural and holistic medicines and rarely went to doctors. He was taught to respect his elders, the land he comes from, and his connection to Mother Earth.


Through immense loss of immediate family members and the damaging legacy of residential schools Kwikw has learned why some people have everything while others have nothing. This learning is the basis of his healing practice. "Untangling generations of trauma has taught me that DNA carries memories – not only of trauma, but also of resilience".


Instead of drinking or doing drugs to drown out the pain or taking his own life, Kwikw became a transformational coach, mentor and energy healer. He now understands that we all have the power to heal ourselves by rewiring our subconscious programming.


“I cannot change the past but I can change everything about how it affects me.”


How will you LOVE your life?

In these 7 videos, I go over some information that everyone should be aware of in themselves, and how the human experience is both received and perceived by an individual. There are also many techniques, from my years of experience, that may help everyone to rewire neuropathways to clear the clutter in the subconscious, deal with difficult people, have more self-love and appreciation, and attract your dreams and goals faster than ever before. 


“I am a cancer fighter of stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had the pleasure of speaking to Kwikw through the phone. During our healing session together, he gave me multiple tools to help me cope with my emotional trauma. After speaking to him I felt lighter, more free, and more confident to face the journey ahead of me. He is highly intuitive and works with your subconscious mind in ways your never thought possible. He is trained to know how to go deep into your mind and unravel the parts of you that have led to your hurting.

If you are looking for ways to manage stress, overcome addiction,

or learn how to let go of what is not serving you,

please reach out to Kwikw!”

—  Karla, Nova Scotia, Canada


"Hope is a good thing, maybe

the best of things, and no

good thing ever dies."

-Andy Dufresne

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