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Joyanne Serenity

Intuitive Musician, Artist & Dancer; Medium, Rahanni Practioner, Reiki Master, Channel, Family Herbalist, Raw Chef

Reuniting people with their Source of Happiness and lives of Health and Prosperity is Joyanne’s Soul Purpose and what drives her! After experiencing the tragic loss of her mother, Joyanne has been well acquainted with grief from an early age. She has overcome many mental, emotional, and physical challenges throughout her life and has risen the Phoenix! Joyanne has taken her pain and at times debilitating experiences and alchemized them into diamonds, creating a transcendent depth of awareness and love for All.


“The most important thing we have in life is Love and to get to experience the joyous, lavish-abundance that comes with true, infinite love.”


Intuited Song Channeling


Intuited Song Channeling

& Follow-Up





When I first began to listen to the song Joyanne channelled for me, I was completely blown away! The words were simple yet powerful & concise. Each sentence spoke directly to my soul and within the first minute I was brought to tears! Each note was sung beautifully. Crisp, clear melody flows from this beautiful soul. Joyanne is, without a doubt, an angelic voice singing the words of my guides. I was blessed by her song and truly appreciate the gift I received. Many blessings were bestowed upon me within that song!


—  Melanie


"Hope is a good thing, maybe

the best of things, and no

good thing ever dies."

-Andy Dufresne

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