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Colin 'Big Bear' Ross

CEO & Founder

Colin has been connected on a spiritual level since early childhood. His basic instincts were always to help people – listen to and guide them. Not fully understanding the depth of his connection, Colin lived a life of lower vibration until recently when he experienced his most significant awakening. Led by dysfunction and lack of support, his life was not complete.

As Colin hit low points in his life, he gained small awakenings. His understanding of his connection grew, he understood changes needed to occur. During the summer of 2019, at an extreme low, Colin took the final step towards sobriety and that’s when the magic truly began!

He has since started working deeper as a conduit for the energy of God. He has learned to manipulate the energy of others to create a powerful healing experience that can be felt physically throughout the body. Working extensively with the Chakras, Colin is able to pull them from their body, put them back into alignment, re-serge them back into their bodies and re-energize them in the process. This allows for full regenerated flow throughout.

Other areas Colin works in are Quantum Healing, cutting cords, blasting 528 Hz (vibration of love) throughout his client’s bodies to release negative energy and stagnancies as well as supporting the correction of DNA, reading the energies of palms, and energetic massage.

He has worked with people of all ages, from locations all over the world. He specializes in working with Aboriginal healing, addictions, depression, PTSD, fear, relationships, pain reduction, back alignments and business or life coaching.

Colin’s powerful energy is not one to cast aside. He is full of love and light and his vision is to heal the world.  


“I look forward to assisting you in healing yourself and guiding you through the process of meeting your own needs in whatever capacity that may be”.

“Loved my reading. Colin had me close my eyes and relax and as he was working on my energy, I seen a white angel walk infront of my left eye, very relaxed and quite calm after which is very different for me as I suffer from anxiety and depression. Thank you Colin.” 

—  Sue Phillips


"Hope is a good thing, maybe

the best of things, and no

good thing ever dies."

-Andy Dufresne

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